Hurricane Sandy Legwarmers

FINALLY, we have power! Our house lit up like a Christmas tree at approximately 4:30 pm yesterday afternoon, as we were about to end Day 11 without power. Although the first 2 hours of darkness were exciting (ooooh let’s light candles and pretend we’re having a séance!), it got old fast and before we knew it, we were wandering around in the darkness like lost souls, too dependent on electricity and technology to be able to function normally without them. So, what did I do with all of my free time? I turned to a timeless hobby – knitting – and whipped up a pair of cozy legwarmers to keep me warm in the freezing house!

I followed this Spiral Rib pattern I found on Purl Soho’s “The Purl Bee” blog and I used Lion Brand’s Vanna’s Choice yarn in Oatmeal because I wanted something neutral that would go with anything and I love the texture in this yarn. I altered the pattern just a bit, using US #4 double pointed needles instead of US #7, and I only made them 18 inches long instead of 30. I’m glad I made these changes because they would have been way too big if I hadn’t. They fit perfectly and are long enough that they come up over my knee if I want to wear them high, but I can also fold them down when I’m wearing them with shorter boots. They are super cozy and have kept me so warm this past week and a half without power!

Stay Chic! xo…Alane

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