DIY Chalkboard Herb Garden

Hey Everyone! I’m so sorry it’s been almost a month since my last post. Time has escaped me yet again. I can’t believe it’s already the middle of May and Memorial Day weekend is upon us. I have been so busy with work, birthdays and weddings, and all of the responsibilities that come with living in an apartment (some more fun than others – does anyone actually enjoy spring cleaning?).

With spring in full bloom, I have been trying to find ways to bring more greenery into my home. I love the way plants bring light and life into smaller indoor spaces and I’ve been inspired by photos like these (found on Pinterest) to transform my apartment into an indoor garden.

As you may recall, I started off with an ivy plant that I hung from my kitchen ceiling.

I bought a plant for my kitchen yesterday! I love the way he looks. Now I just need to find a name for him...

Once I saw how that transformed my kitchen into a much warmer and more inviting space, I was hooked on the idea of “more plants, more plants!” So I bought a basil plant, some small cacti, and I have four small pots that are starting to sprout small green stems (I’m not sure what type of plants they are – they were cute favors from my cousin’s wedding).

basil plant

basil plant

small cacti

small cacti

small plants from my cousin's wedding

small plants from my cousin’s wedding

Once I got all of these little guys in my kitchen, I realized I really wanted more herb plants like my basil. So last weekend, while I was home for Mother’s Day, I went out and bought the following herbs to create my own mini indoor herb garden: parsley, mint, oregano and cilantro. They were just in plastic containers so I decided to repot them into regular ceramic planters. While I was buying these herbs, I had this DIY in the back of my mind that I found on A Beautiful Mess – chalkboard planters.

So once I bought my herbs and pots, I also picked up some chalkboard paint so that I could make my own chalkboard herb garden. It was a really easy project and I love the way the plants look on my kitchen shelf! Here are some photos of the plants, the project and the finished product:

Herbs1 Herbs2 Herbs3 Herbs4 Herbs5 Herbs6 Herbs7

I hope you all are having a wonderful spring!


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