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Wheel Throwing Update – Finished Pieces Pt. 1

Last Tuesday was our last pottery class (you can read about it here) and this past weekend, we were able to pick up our finished, glazed pieces. As you may have gathered from my previous update, I was very nervous about how my pieces would turn out because I did not have a good night of glazing. I had drips, I missed little spots, and I even had to wash the glaze completely off of one bowl. However, when I came home and saw my pieces sitting on the counter, I was pleasantly surprised! There were a few that did not turn out the way I had envisioned (when does anything come out the way you imagine?), but overall I was pleased with the results! My dad’s pieces came out really great too, especially his really awesome lidded vase!

I’ve been so busy getting ready for Christmas that I haven’t had much time to photograph everything. I was really excited to show you the final products, however, so I have decided to post them in parts.

Here are a few shots of the vase my dad made. This is definitely one of my favorite pieces. I love the colors he chose! The cobalt blue is so rich and the white glaze has a really nice painterly effect. He should be very proud of the final product!


This is a small, wide bowl that I made. I used warm white glaze on the inside and olive green on the outside. I really like the way the glazes run together on the sides of the bowl, as you can see in the top right photo. I think this piece will make a good catch-all dish.


And, finally, here is the cup I made. Originally it was going to be a mug, but then I kind of liked it without a handle. I used a really awesome glaze called Randy’s Red on the rim and inside of the cup and white on the outside. Again, I love the way the red runs into the white on the sides, which you can see in the two center photos.


Those are all the photos I have for today. Hopefully I can get some more posted this weekend – I have a mug and bowl I’m really excited about and my dad made the cutest tea cup for my mom!

Today is going to be filled with writing Christmas cards because I really need to get them in the mail! I hope everyone has a fantastic day!

Stay Curious! xo…Alane

A Curiously Chic Handmade Gift Guide

I can’t believe that Christmas is less than 2 weeks away. I have not yet bought a single gift and time is quickly ticking. If you are at a loss as to what to buy and where to buy, I have put together a little handmade gift guide of my most favorite Etsy finds that I think would make curiously chic gifts! And when you buy from Etsy, you are directly supporting the artists that made each product! How awesome is that?! So this year, join me in skipping out on the hectic mall scene and shop handmade from the comfort of your cozy home!

(All links are numbered below)

(All links are numbered below)

For Your Best Girlfriends:
1. Fingerless knit gloves with bow from gertie & baxter
2. R O S E GOLD Pink Sequin and Ruby Red Velvet Clutch from Gift Shop Brooklyn

For the Home:
3. Woodland Chic from BROOKLYNrehab
4. Feather Vase from BROOKLYNrehab
5. Ceramic owl from claylicious

For the iPhone User:
6. Cherry wood iPhone case from Not a Scratch

For the Book Lover:
7. Novel Idea – Pair of Hand Stamped Bookends from Joshua by Oak

For the Caffeine Junkie:
8. Espresso cups from claylicious

For the Ornament Collector:
9. Green swirl blown glass ornament from Bluejays & Bumblebees

For the Dinosaur Lover:
10. Dinosaur Planter from Boy-Girl Tees

For the Beer Lover:
11. The Very Many Varieties of Beer Print from Pop Chart Lab

For the Jewelry Lover:
12. Lace earrings from This Ilk

For the Ramen Noodle lover:
13. Noodle bowl from One Clay Bead

For the Candle Lover:
14. Blown glass votive candleholder from Bluejays & Bumblebees

I hope this guide has given you some great gift ideas and if you’ve never shopped on Etsy before, try it this year! It’s very easy to use and it’s amazing to see how each seller puts so much time and consideration into not only the product, but also the packaging and of your purchase. Some even include a personalized thank you note! Most importantly, real, talented artists are making the products so each one is special. Now, go do some shopping!

Stay Curiously Chic! xo…Alane