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Turn Your Fridge into Art

This weekend while browsing on Pinterest, I found a DIY Photo Magnet Tutorial. I’ve been short on magnets for my fridge and when I saw this, I thought it would be a great way to add some of my own personal flare to a standard (unattractive) kitchen appliance. Now that they’re finished, they make my kitchen feel more homey and transform my fridge into a mini-gallery. I used some of my favorite instagrams, like shots of NYC and the beach, and added in photos of my friends, turning my fridge into a glimpse of my life and art. What’s great about this project is that there are so many possibilities for what you can use as images. You can stick to one theme, use words instead of photos, you could even make your own little illustrations. These magnets would make great homemade gifts too!

Here are some photos of the process and the finished magnets. They were really easy to make. The most time consuming part was cutting the foam board and letting the Modge Podge Dimensional Magic dry. I sealed them with the Modge Podge at night that way they could dry while I was asleep and I wouldn’t have to wait around. I really love the way they turned out!






I hope everyone has had a great week and had a lovely first day of spring! It’s grey and cold here today…they’re calling for snow again. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for sunshine and warm weather!

Stay curiously chic! xo…Alane

My Weekend via Instagram – Hoboken Edition

Happy Monday, Everyone! I hope you all had a lovely weekend! The sun was finally shining here in Hoboken and I was able to spend some time walking around my new neighborhood, becoming acquainted with the area. What I really love about this town so far is how walkable it is. Hoboken is only about a square mile, so it is really easy to get everywhere on foot. This weekend, it was so enjoyable to stroll along in the sun, taking in all of the sights, shops and restaurants this town has to offer. I even took a walk down to the water and photographed the sparkling view of the NYC skyline.

Brunch on Saturday at Elysian Cafe

Brunch on Saturday at Elysian Cafe

Brunch at Elysian Cafe - eggs benedict, pommes frites and a screwdriver

Brunch at Elysian Cafe – eggs benedict, pommes frites and a screwdriver

Outside Elysian

Outside Elysian

NYC skyline & Empire State building

NYC skyline & Empire State building

Freedom Tower

Freedom Tower

I bought a plant for my kitchen yesterday! I love the way he looks. Now I just need to find a name for him...

I bought a plant for my kitchen yesterday! I love the way he looks. Now I just need to find a name for him…

Along with getting to know the area, I’m really enjoying the process of making my apartment home. I hope to add new things bit by bit (like my plant!) and I hope that it continually evolves.

How was your weekend? I hope you all got some sun too! Until the next post…


Mood Board

Yesterday, I finally went through my collection of images and tears from magazines and reorganized my mood board. It’s been the same for a while now and I felt like I needed a change. I just started pinning images up on my corkboard, seeing what worked together and what didn’t. I have a feeling my board is going to evolve over the next couple weeks, but here is the start:


Going through images


Love the lights and that dining room


Graphic black and white designs


More strong black and whites


Antlers and dreamcatcher


Sleek and chic


Emerald green. Love the cuffed jeans

I was drawn to graphic blacks and whites, emerald green, and natural forms.

Do you create visual moodboards? Where do you find your inspiration?


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