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DIY Chalkboard Herb Garden

Hey Everyone! I’m so sorry it’s been almost a month since my last post. Time has escaped me yet again. I can’t believe it’s already the middle of May and Memorial Day weekend is upon us. I have been so busy with work, birthdays and weddings, and all of the responsibilities that come with living in an apartment (some more fun than others – does anyone actually enjoy spring cleaning?).

With spring in full bloom, I have been trying to find ways to bring more greenery into my home. I love the way plants bring light and life into smaller indoor spaces and I’ve been inspired by photos like these (found on Pinterest) to transform my apartment into an indoor garden.

As you may recall, I started off with an ivy plant that I hung from my kitchen ceiling.

I bought a plant for my kitchen yesterday! I love the way he looks. Now I just need to find a name for him...

Once I saw how that transformed my kitchen into a much warmer and more inviting space, I was hooked on the idea of “more plants, more plants!” So I bought a basil plant, some small cacti, and I have four small pots that are starting to sprout small green stems (I’m not sure what type of plants they are – they were cute favors from my cousin’s wedding).

basil plant

basil plant

small cacti

small cacti

small plants from my cousin's wedding

small plants from my cousin’s wedding

Once I got all of these little guys in my kitchen, I realized I really wanted more herb plants like my basil. So last weekend, while I was home for Mother’s Day, I went out and bought the following herbs to create my own mini indoor herb garden: parsley, mint, oregano and cilantro. They were just in plastic containers so I decided to repot them into regular ceramic planters. While I was buying these herbs, I had this DIY in the back of my mind that I found on A Beautiful Mess – chalkboard planters.

So once I bought my herbs and pots, I also picked up some chalkboard paint so that I could make my own chalkboard herb garden. It was a really easy project and I love the way the plants look on my kitchen shelf! Here are some photos of the plants, the project and the finished product:

Herbs1 Herbs2 Herbs3 Herbs4 Herbs5 Herbs6 Herbs7

I hope you all are having a wonderful spring!


Spring in Hoboken

This weekend, spring was in the air! The trees are in colorful bloom, singing birds were my wake up call, and fresh flowers and new plants made their way into my home!


These yellow sunflowers look beautiful on my kitchen table!


Saturday was the perfect day to walk around town…

Spring1 Spring2 Spring3 Spring4 Spring7 Spring8 Spring9 Spring10

I hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing weekend!


Spring and Things

Morning coffee at the kitchen table

Morning coffee at the kitchen table

Bought a pretty bouquet of flowers to bring some spring into my home

Got a basil plant this weekend. There is nothing like the smell of fresh basil

Got a basil plant this weekend. There is nothing like the smell of fresh basil

I love the warm afternoon light that comes in through my kitchen windows

I love the warm afternoon light that comes in through my kitchen windows

Hosted my first dinner party this weekend!

Hosted my first dinner party this weekend! We had bruschetta, fresh mozzerella, roasted red peppers, sun dried tomatoes, salad and linguini in garlic and oil. And, of course, a whole lot of vino!


My Weekend via Instagram – Hoboken Edition

Happy Monday, Everyone! I hope you all had a lovely weekend! The sun was finally shining here in Hoboken and I was able to spend some time walking around my new neighborhood, becoming acquainted with the area. What I really love about this town so far is how walkable it is. Hoboken is only about a square mile, so it is really easy to get everywhere on foot. This weekend, it was so enjoyable to stroll along in the sun, taking in all of the sights, shops and restaurants this town has to offer. I even took a walk down to the water and photographed the sparkling view of the NYC skyline.

Brunch on Saturday at Elysian Cafe

Brunch on Saturday at Elysian Cafe

Brunch at Elysian Cafe - eggs benedict, pommes frites and a screwdriver

Brunch at Elysian Cafe – eggs benedict, pommes frites and a screwdriver

Outside Elysian

Outside Elysian

NYC skyline & Empire State building

NYC skyline & Empire State building

Freedom Tower

Freedom Tower

I bought a plant for my kitchen yesterday! I love the way he looks. Now I just need to find a name for him...

I bought a plant for my kitchen yesterday! I love the way he looks. Now I just need to find a name for him…

Along with getting to know the area, I’m really enjoying the process of making my apartment home. I hope to add new things bit by bit (like my plant!) and I hope that it continually evolves.

How was your weekend? I hope you all got some sun too! Until the next post…


Greetings from Hoboken!

Hello everyone! I am writing to you from my new apartment in Hoboken! I moved in this past weekend and with the help of my amazing family and friends, the place is really starting to come together! I have a fully functional kitchen already stocked with food and beverages, a cozy couch, which I can’t wait to lounge on, and my bedroom is starting to come together. Not only have I enjoyed setting up my new home the past two days, I’ve also loved exploring my new neighborhood. I’ve already found some delicious eats and have tasted the best “mozz” in town! Today, I want share my move-in weekend with you through pictures…


My housewarming present from my sister – wine, bread and salt. I love her!


My empty bedroom at home…very strange


NYC skyline


Driving in to town


Fiore’s for lunch on Saturday to try out their “mozz”


My sandwich – ham, roasted peppers, and mozz – amazing! peppers were covered in garlic and the mozzarella was definitely the best I’ve ever had (it’s made fresh every day!)


Starting to put my bedroom together


The back of my door…starting to feel like home


My mom and I trying to assemble my Ikea kitchen table




And it expands!


Champagne toast with my family before dinner in the apartment on Saturday


Breakfast Sunday at The Little Grocery


Ham, egg and cheese on a roll…yum!


Lunch on Sunday at Luca Brasi’s


The Big Petey sandwich – turkey, roasted peppers, mozz and arugula


My living room starting to come together! (thanks to my dad, sister and her boyfriend for putting the couch together!)


Living room


Living room


My kitchen!



That’s all for now! I absolutely love my new home and I can’t wait to continue to decorate and make it mine. I will definitely be posting more pictures in the coming weeks!

I hope you all had a great weekend and are ready for the week ahead. Its the first week of March! And the time changes this weekend – I can’t wait for the days to be lighter for longer. Spring is right around the corner!

I can’t end this post without giving a huge birthday shout-out to my amazing dad! Happy Birthday, Dad! Thank you for all of your help this past month and all of your love & support the past 25 years. I love you! I hope you have a great day because you deserve it!