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DIY Valentine’s Heart Stencil T-Shirt

In light of Valentine’s Day, I thought I would share with you a quick and fun heart-filled DIY.

My sister was home from school this weekend and last minute, Sunday afternoon, she says she wants a heart t-shirt. She couldn’t find one in Target, so we took a quick ride to Michaels, bought a plain white v-neck t-shirt and 3 different colors of fabric paint (I bought Martha Stewart multi-surface paint). She wanted pink, lavender and pink glitter. As soon as we got home, I cut two stencils out of transparency paper and then stenciled them onto the t-shirt.


my design drawn on two transparencies


cut the stencils with an x-acto knife


big heart on the front of the shirt


little hearts going up the side of the shirt

My sister loved the way it turned out and she looked super cute in it! This was such an easy project and took me about an hour to do.

I have another stencil DIY coming up for you in the next couple days that I’m really excited about, so stay tuned!


My Week via Instagram


I got a haircut this week…probably my last one for awhile, seeing as how my hairdresser works Tues. – Thurs. and I will be commuting to and from NY for my new job. I suppose I could try to find someone knew, but I love my hairdresser. She is the first and only one I have ever trusted and she does a fantastic job every single time! So, for now, I will let it grow until I can get to her again.


I worked on some fun DIY projects this weekend, including a Valentine’s Day shirt for my sister. I am really excited to share the other project with you – stay tuned for a tutorial this week!


My fortune from Chinese last night…It’s so true! But, fortune cookie, you’re a little late in telling me this because they’ve already begun developing!


I hope everyone has a great Monday! I am SO excited because tonight I’m seeing Ben Howard in NY with some friends! (If you’ve never listened to him before, please check him out. He is amazing.) I think it is going to be a fantastic show. He is so talented and I can’t wait to see and hear him live! I will let you all know how it is tomorrow 🙂