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Sorry I’ve Been MIA!

Hi everyone! I apologize for being MIA the past few days. I’ve been busy getting myself acquainted with my new job and routine, and I’ll be honest, the commute is kicking my butt! I’ve been getting up at 5:00 am to catch the 6:34 train, getting home at 6:45 and have been in bed by 9:00/9:30. Basically, I’ve had enough time to shower, eat dinner and watch a 30 min tv show. I’ve wanted to blog every night after work, but I come home and feel like this…

Luckily, that will all change in a week when I move to Hoboken! My 4 hour commute will change to less than 2 for the day and it will give me time to blog again!

One up-sides of commuting is that I’ve had time to read again! I haven’t seriously sat down with a book in a couple of months because I’ve spent all of my free time blogging or working on projects. I now have 4 hours everyday to read and it’s been awesome. I started Ready Player One By Ernest Cline (published by Crown!) on Monday and am a little more than halfway through it. It’s a futuristic novel, which normally isn’t what I gravitate towards, but I’m really enjoying it. The storyline is entertaining and there’s suspense, which always pulls me in!


Aside from the exhausting commute, my first week at Random House went very well! I really like everything I’m doing so far and everyone is so nice and welcoming! I’m excited to be learning new things and to be challenged by something again. Since it was the first week, I’m still just dipping my toes in, but I’m looking forward to seeing what next week will bring!

I hope you all had a great week! Does anyone have any fun plans for the weekend? I’m spending today and tomorrow packing and doing last minute shopping because I’m moving next Saturday (eeeeek!!!!!)! This is all I have packed so far…


Yes, my calphalon bread pan and my JT cup from his Future Sex Love Show tour (you can all judge me because I’m judging myself right now). Clearly, these two things are what I’ve decided are most important in my life. I need to get busy (and reevaluate my priorities) today or else this will be all I have in my apartment. I have never moved before, so I’m feeling slightly incredibly overwhelmed by the whole process. On my list of kitchen items to pack are my stenciled napkins and the mug I made in my pottery class. They’re going to look awesome in my kitchen!

Happy Saturday, everyone! I apologize in advance if you don’t see another post from me until after March 2nd. I will do my best to try to pop on here and at least say hi!

Thanks for reading!



My Week via Instagram


Top Left: On the train, coming home from the city (used this photo with Ben Howard lyrics)

Bottom Left: Dana dog

Top Right: Late Christmas present came this week – cute hand-painted owl mug from Anthropologie!

Bottom Right: Hoboken – view of the Freedom Tower

Happy Monday!


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“Oh you laugh…”

BenHoward_Winter1 BenHoward_Winter2

I took this photograph on the train home from the city this weekend. I used my iPhone and edited the first image with Afterglow and the second with Instagram. I was listening to Ben Howard on my commute and decided to add in these lyrics from the song “Bones“. I created the font using my Bamboo Stylus and iFontMaker for iPad. I brought my images into photoshop and added the text onto the images.

I can’t decide which I like better. I love the circle in the first image, but I really like how the text fits into the photograph on the second image. I thought I would show them both to you and you can tell me which you like better!

I also really like the Afterglow app. I just downloaded it the other day so I haven’t used it all that much yet. I did, however, edit all of my images from yesterday’s post with it. I really like how the app gives you different shaped frames like circles, hearts and triangles, and there are quite a few filters to choose from. You can also edit the brightness, contrast, exposure, hue, saturation, tint, and temperature of your photos. I can’t wait to take some more pictures and really play with them in Afterglow (that will definitely be an upcoming post!).

I hope everyone has a great Wednesday!


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