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Playing with Text and Images

I have been working with my bamboo stylus a lot the past couple days. Maybe you noticed in my last post, I created a signature for my blog posts.


I’ve also been playing around with my iFontMaker app (see the first couple of fonts I made here) and I really like the latest one I’ve created. It’s simple, but I love the way it looks.


I’ve wanted to add text to my photographs for a while now, and I finally worked on some ideas last night. Each of my photographs gives me a specific feeling. Most of the time, when I view a photo, I am reminded of a favorite song lyric or a quote from favorite movies or books. So, I’ve decided to take some of those feelings and add them to my photographs with this new font.

One of my favorite bands right now is Bon Iver. I had the opportunity to see them in concert back in September and they absolutely blew me away. They are insanely talented, their music and lyrics are beautiful and I can listen to them on repeat all day long. One of my favorite songs is Holocene (listen on youtube here) and I knew I wanted to pair the lyrics with a photograph I took two years ago in Anna Maria Island, FL of the sun setting over the ocean. The lyrics I chose to use (“And at once I knew, I was not magnificent”) are about realizing that there is something greater out there and I thought this photograph was the perfect match to those lyrics because of the beauty of the colors in the clouds and the reflections in the ocean. In my opinion, this photograph proves that there is a much higher and much stronger power and we, as human beings, are “not magnificent” in comparison.


I had two other photographs from Anna Maria that I added the same text too.

BonIver_0051 BonIver_0071

I can’t decide which of the three I like best, but I think I’m leaning towards the vertical. I’ve already posted the vertical photograph for sale on Society6 (you can view it here), but if you have a favorite out of the three, please let me know! I would love to hear your feedback 🙂

Here are a couple more pieces I created:

I took the following photograph this past spring and decided to add “Dream a little dream” to it because of the small flowers and dream-like quality created by the depth of field.


This next image I shot last summer in NYC. I was playing with shutter speeds that day and walked away with several images containing movement. What I love most about this photograph is how the white sneakers are quite visible, but as you move up, the rest of the man’s body disappears. I paired this photograph with a quote from one of my favorite movies Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it” – because this photograph is all about movement and the rush of NYC. The very nature of the city is fast-paced and I feel as though city-goers (myself included) forget to slow down once in a while and take it all in.


The last image I worked with I took with my iPhone last summer while waiting in line at the Shake Shack in Madison Square Park. I took a popular quote from one of my favorite books and added it to this image – “And in that moment, I swear we were infinite” from The Perks of Being a Wallflower by, Stephen Chbosky. I love the position in which I captured this girl  – it’s as if she’s about to take flight, as if she’s feeling “infinite” just like Charlie felt in the book.


And I added text to my yellow elephant design. He is so optimistic with his trunk in the air, holding onto his balloon that I decided to go with a basic positive quote – “Tomorrow is a new day.” No matter what you’re going through today, tomorrow will always be a new day and a fresh start.


I will be posting some of these on Society6 tonight, but I would really love to know what you think. This is my first time adding text to my photographs, so any and all feedback is much appreciated!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday!


DIY Pillowcase

My mom’s coworker commissioned me to make two pillowcases for her daughter as a Christmas present. She picked out the fabric (two different kinds, 1 yard each) and pillows (two 14”x14” pillows) and left the project in my hands. I wanted to keep the pillowcases simple so that they are easy to remove, so I settled on an envelope style, which means that there is a flap in the back that you can slide the pillow in and out of.

The pillowcases were very easy to make and, if you’re just learning to sew, this is a great beginner’s project. They will also make fun Christmas gifts for anyone who is looking for last minute ideas.

Here is a step-by-step tutorial:

First, I suggest washing and ironing your fabric. This allows for any shrinking that may occur and when you go to cut and sew, it’s much easier to do it on smooth rather than wrinkled fabric.

Once you have your fabric washed and ironed, you can start measuring and cutting. For the width, add 1” to the width of your pillow, and for the length, multiply the length of your pillow by 2 and then add another 6” (because this is the part that will overlap). I had a 14” x 14” pillow, so I cut a piece of fabric that was 15” wide, which allows for a .5” seam allowance on either side, and 34” long ([14 x 2] + 6 = 34), which allows for a 1” turn-over on both sides and a total overlap of 4”.

Step1a Step1b

Next, on the short sides, turn your edge over .5” and iron. Then, turn it over another .5” and iron. Then, sew the seam along the edge. Do the same thing to the other short side.


Once your short sides are hemmed, lay your fabric on the table right side up. Take your pillow form, place it in the middle of your fabric, and fold your fabric over your pillow.

Step3a Step3b

Make sure the fabric is lined up on either side and fits snug around the pillow. Then, pin the two flaps of fabric together on either side.


At this point, you can slide the pillow out of the fabric. Once your pillow is removed, pin both sides of the fabric together along the sides.


Once your sides are pinned, its time to sew! Just sew in a straight line along the edges you have pinned (this is where I gave myself a .5” seam allowance). After you’ve sewn both sides, turn your pillowcase right side out through the open flap you have in the middle (you may need to use a pencil to poke out the corners).

Step6a Step6b

And that’s it! All that’s left to do is to insert the pillow into the case through the open flap.

Pillow_Front Pillow_Back Pillows

Yay for new pillowcases! I’m already thinking about how I can re-cover some of the pillows we have lying around the house. I’m also thinking about getting some designs together so I can screen print my own fabric and then use that to make some pillowcases (I’m really excited about this one!).

I hope this tutorial was clear, but if you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments.

Stay Curiously Chic! xo…Alane

Things I’m Lovin’ in December

I can’t believe we’re entering into the first full week of December! Although the air is starting to have that raw bite and the days are ending earlier, I do love this time of year – the twinkling lights that decorate houses and stores, the sound of Christmas music always playing in the background, and scents of burning fires, cinnamon and pine.


What are you loving this December?

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Stay Curious! xo…Alane

Things I’m Thankful For…

I can’t believe that tomorrow is Thanksgiving. It feels like summer just ended! I love this time of year – the feeling of holiday cheer in the air, the Christmas music playing, even the hustle and bustle of last minute shopping. I especially love Turkey Day – spending time with family over a large table of never ending food! So today, I thought I would take a moment and share with you some things I am thankful for…

What are you thankful for this year??

I hope everyone has a very Happy Thanksgiving! xo…Alane

I Love My Bamboo Stylus!

I recently bought myself a new gadget for my iPad – Wacom’s Bamboo Stylus. It is so much fun to use! It’s just like holding a pen, it glides so smoothly over the screen and, best of all, it doesn’t leave fingerprints (I’m obsessively neat when it comes to my iPad). It works really well with Bamboo’s Bamboo Paper app, which is like a notebook. This is the app I’ve been using to store all my thoughts and ideas for this blog. I love that I can literally jot down notes rather than try to type them on my iPad. It’s a much more interactive and creative experience. You can even import photos on to the notebook page and then write or draw over them. I used this feature to create all the photos that you’ve seen in my previous posts that have my notes jotted over them. Here are some pages from my notebook:

I even designed the header on my blog with this app!

And here are some doodles I’ve made with the Bamboo Stylus:

Another fun app that I downloaded is iFontMaker, which allows you to create your own fonts! It’s so simple to use and once your font is created, you can email it to yourself and then download it onto your computer. I made 4 fonts during the power outage from Sandy:

I’m so excited to continue to use my stylus and can’t wait to show you everything I create with it!

Stay Curious! xo…Alane