My Week via Instagram


I got a haircut this week…probably my last one for awhile, seeing as how my hairdresser works Tues. – Thurs. and I will be commuting to and from NY for my new job. I suppose I could try to find someone knew, but I love my hairdresser. She is the first and only one I have ever trusted and she does a fantastic job every single time! So, for now, I will let it grow until I can get to her again.


I worked on some fun DIY projects this weekend, including a Valentine’s Day shirt for my sister. I am really excited to share the other project with you – stay tuned for a tutorial this week!


My fortune from Chinese last night…It’s so true! But, fortune cookie, you’re a little late in telling me this because they’ve already begun developing!


I hope everyone has a great Monday! I am SO excited because tonight I’m seeing Ben Howard in NY with some friends! (If you’ve never listened to him before, please check him out. He is amazing.) I think it is going to be a fantastic show. He is so talented and I can’t wait to see and hear him live! I will let you all know how it is tomorrow 🙂


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