2013: A Year of “Ups”

Thirty-five days ago I wrote a post about the things I learned in 2012. Even though it was not the best year, I walked away from it having learned a lot about myself and about life. Acknowledging the strength and confidence I gained, I was looking forward to 2013 and all of the new opportunities and changes it might bring. I toasted to a year of “ups” rather than “downs,” a year of new experiences and dreams, and a year of constant learning and growing.

Here we are, a week into February 2013, and already those words are manifesting themselves faster than I ever thought possible! Changes are taking place in my life that I did not expect (they always say things happen when you least expect it, right?) and everything is happening all at once!

Wednesday, January 23rd my friend, who works at Random House, called me to let me know about an opening in Crown’s Cover Art Department. It was for a Studio Assistant position and she thought I would be a really great fit. She passed my resume on to Human Resources and later that afternoon I was scheduled for an interview. I went into the city on Monday, January 28th, met with several people to discuss the position, and left the interview feeling like “I want this!” It sounded like a fantastic opportunity to get involved in a publishing house and I was excited for all the new changes and new opportunities the position could bring. Everything worked out in my favor and I was offered and accepted the position Wednesday morning! I can’t say that it was the easiest decision to make because I really do enjoy my work at the gallery. I have learned a great deal about running a small business, I am surrounded by beautiful art everyday, I love interacting with the wonderful artists we represent, and I have a very easy commute. A job in New York would mean no more waking up at 8 am everyday and driving 10 minutes to work. If I accepted the position, it was going to come with a huge lifestyle change that I had to make sure I was comfortable with. Ultimately, I felt like I would regret it for the rest of my life if I turned this opportunity down. I am terrified to leave my comfort zone, but I am learning that the only things worth doing in life are the ones that scare you. So, I accepted a Studio Assistant position at Random House in Crown Publishing Group’s Cover Art Department and start February 19th! I am so passionate about books and am thrilled that I will be able to assist in the production of book covers. I believe this position is going to open up a world of new possibilities and I am so excited to be learning and trying something new. To top it all off, it is in New York, which is exactly where I have always wanted to be.

Since I accepted the offer last Wednesday, my entire life has changed. I’m not quite ready to share all of it with you, but stay tuned for more! All of the events that have taken place since I said “yes” are so serendipitous. Everything is falling into place so smoothly and without any effort on my part, that I truly believe it is a sign that I have made the right decision. I am still in shock as to how fast everything has happened and that my life is in a completely different place than it was only a week ago. 2013 is shaping up to be an awesome year, a year filled with all of those things I proclaimed on December 31, 2012 – a year of “ups” rather than “downs,” a year of new experiences and dreams, and a year of constant learning and growing!

Now that I got all of that off my chest, did I mention how excited I am to be working with books?! Reading is a huge part of my life and when I saw that some of the books that Crown publishes are either my favorite books or on my “to read” list, I went through the roof! Here’s a list of some to give you an idea:

cover copy 2 cover copy 3 cover copy cover-1 copy cover-1 cover

I’m so excited to start this next chapter in my life and I can’t wait to share it all with you!

Thanks for reading!


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