Happy One-Month Birthday to A Curiously Chic Life!

Today, A Curiously Chic Life turns one month old! I know it is still young as far as blogs go, but I feel a certain sense of accomplishment. I am the type of person who has to have her hands in everything at once. I want to bake, sew, knit, draw, read, write, take pictures…basically, make things. This desire to constantly create is good because I keep myself very busy (and I hate being bored), but at the same time, I have a tendency to start one project and then immediately move on to the next before I’ve even finished the first. As Meg Mateo Ilasco writes in her book Craft Inc., The Ultimate Guide to Turning Your Creative Hobby into a Successful Business, “Once your creative moxie kicks in, suddenly every art form becomes a fertile area of exploration. Creative folks tend to run themselves ragged dipping their hands into every pot and acting on every whim the instant it pops into their heads. Their enthusiasm for starting new projects may outstrip their time or budget to do them.” I am, hands down, guilty of this observation, especially when it comes to impulse and budget! However, starting this blog has forced me to focus on one thing and see it through to the end. I have had to set goals and deadlines for myself in regards to how often I post, what I will be blogging about each day, what photographs to include, etc. Discipline and time management have become a part of my everyday routine. And, being the worrier that I am, this blog has helped me break down larger projects into sets of small baby steps. Rather than being overwhelmed by the entire project, I focus on one day and one post at a time.

When I first toyed with the idea of starting a blog, the questions that kept nagging at me were “Why should I add one more blog to the ever-growing blogosphere? Who really cares about what I have to say?” Throughout the past month, however, I’ve realized that the answers to those questions aren’t really what blogging is about. In a way, it’s about finding yourself – your own style & creative voice. In my month of consistent blogging, I have watched myself grow. As I said before, I have become more disciplined, more motivated, and I continue to have that creative energy running through me. Even if no one else is reading this, I enjoy writing it and I am learning about myself along the way, which are good enough reasons to continue with it. Luckily, however, there are people out there reading this! So thank you to all of my family, friends, and fellow bloggers who have read and supported A Curiously Chic Life in its first month! I hope you all have enjoyed what you’ve read and seen and I hope you continue to follow it, and me, on this journey of discovery!

Stay Curiously Chic! xo…Alane

(Image via: http://laceyroma.xanga.com/photos/ed232269014733/)


1 thought on “Happy One-Month Birthday to A Curiously Chic Life!

  1. Kim

    I know I’m a little late reading this but HAPPY ONE MONTH!!! Your blog has been interesting and quit enjoyable to read each day! Watching you expand your creativity is awesome!!! Love you!!!


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