Wheel Throwing Update

Tonight will be our fifth wheel throwing class, weather permitting (it’s currently snowing here!), which means that we only have two classes left! (If you missed my first post about the class, you can read it here) Last week, the pieces we glazed were out of the kiln and ready to take home! Here are some photos of our final pieces:

My Dad’s cup – he used two different glazes

Red glaze on the inside, blue on the outside

My Dad’s teacup – again, he used two different glazes

It’s so cute!

My dish – this was the very first piece I threw

I also did a two-tone theme

My bowl with handles

I went a bit too heavy on the white glaze, but I really like the way it ran together with the red

After marveling at the work we did, it was time to trim the pieces that we threw the previous week. I didn’t get any shots of my dad’s (he wanted me to wait until they were complete!), but I did snap a few photos of mine. I trimmed two bowls and both were happy mistakes! On the first bowl, the rim was really uneven when I pulled the clay up so we fixed it by creating a wavy edge. Then, last week, after I finished trimming it, I decided to add little buttons on the waves. I like the way it turned out!

Originally, the second piece I threw with the intention of making a mug, but it turned into a bowl instead. Then, last week, when I went to trim it, I saw a huge dent in the side. The bowl was actually a really nice shape, so I was upset that this dent ruined it. But, of course, we came up with a solution as to how to fix it…add some designs on the bowl and cover up the dent! I’m really happy with the way it turned out and I think this is my best piece yet!

I hope that my bowls are ready to glaze tonight. I’m not sure how I will do either one yet. As you can see from the first pieces I glazed, I went with a two-tone color theme, but I don’t know if that will work on my latest pieces. The glaze is somewhat tricky because it’s the kind that you don’t paint on. You have to dip the pieces into the glaze and try to get a nice thin layer. I wish it was the kind you paint on, especially for my flower bowl, but oh well! We’ll just wait and see how it all turns out!

Stay Curious! xo…Alane

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