Wheel Throwing

For the past three weeks, my dad and I have been taking a wheel throwing class at the Center for Contemporary Art on Tuesday nights. I tried pottery once in high school and was absolutely terrible at it. So, I decided it was time to try it again! Well, I am still not that great at wheel throwing, but I am definitely doing better than I did in high school. Wheel throwing is all about technique and getting the clay centered on the wheel. If you can do that and then keep it centered, you’ll be okay. But of course, it’s not that easy to keep it centered. So far, I have made a couple bowls. I really want to make a mug, but I can’t seem to pull the clay up high enough, so everything just turns into a bowl. My dad has made a really nice teacup that he is quite proud of!

My dad’s two pieces (pre-glaze)

His teacup (pre-glaze)

Last week we glazed two of our pieces, including my dad’s teacup and my bowl. I’m excited to see how the glazing turns out. I did both of my pieces with a two-tone color. Hopefully tonight they will be out of the kiln and we’ll be able to glaze our other pieces.

My bowl with little handles (pre-glaze)

It’s hard to believe there are only three classes left! Although it’s somewhat difficult, I’m really enjoying the class. It’s fun to work with the clay and try to shape different objects. I may sign up for another session in January because I feel like six 2.5 hour sessions aren’t enough.

Stay tuned for more photos of some finished pieces!

Stay Curious! xo…Alane

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