Curiously Chic Necklaces

I love jewelry and I love jazzing up simple outfits with great accent pieces. My go-to accessory is always a pair of earrings. I love all styles, from the funky and trendy to the classic, but normally, they are big and dangly. I try to find a pair that will complement what I’m wearing, attract people’s attention and, most importantly, express my personality. So, as you can imagine, I have a large selection of earrings that get me through every day. When it comes to other jewelry, however, my choices are rather slim, specifically necklaces. I have a really hard time trying to accessorize with them. I admire anyone who can pull an outfit together with a fabulous statement necklace because I just can’t seem to do it. And I find that when I’m out shopping, I shy away from buying necklaces because I never know what to wear them with so I just back off and stick with the earrings. However, this past weekend, I decided to face my fear of buying necklaces and ended up coming home with several new pieces! Macy’s was having a jewelry sale (30% off) and the woman in front of me was nice enough to give me her $10 off coupon (thank you so much, whoever you are!), so I went ahead and bought three, all of which I feel complement my personality and style!

The first necklace I picked up is a simple gold and black, but I love the classic-yet-edgy look that the triangular shapes create. I think this necklace will look great with almost anything because of its simple color and geometric shapes.

The second necklace is smaller and a bit dressier in my opinion. I think the design gives it a little bit of a vintage look and I love the glam effect of the rhinestones. The length is on the shorter side – it hangs about two inches below my collar bone – so it will probably look best with something that has more of a scoop-neck. I’m really excited to wear this with a little black dress. It will be great for a gallery opening!

The third necklace is by far my favorite! The Native American influence on the different shapes and colors makes this necklace so much fun and interesting to look at. Again, its a shorter length so it will look best with something that has a high collar or that is low-cut. Either way, it will easily dress up  jeans and a t-shirt or will add a funky flare to a little black dress. I can’t wait to see the possibilities of what I can wear this necklace with and how it will change the look of different outfits!

And because I can’t resist looking at earrings, I also accidentally came home with these:

Aren’t they cute?! I love the color palette and the vintage look!

I’m really excited to accessorize with these necklaces and hopefully, it will help me be a bit more adventurous when it comes to my jewelry choices. If anyone has any recommendations for how you wear various types of necklaces, your advice would be much appreciated!

Stay Chic! xo…Alane

(All photographs are taken by me, Alane Gianetti)

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