I Love My Bamboo Stylus!

I recently bought myself a new gadget for my iPad – Wacom’s Bamboo Stylus. It is so much fun to use! It’s just like holding a pen, it glides so smoothly over the screen and, best of all, it doesn’t leave fingerprints (I’m obsessively neat when it comes to my iPad). It works really well with Bamboo’s Bamboo Paper app, which is like a notebook. This is the app I’ve been using to store all my thoughts and ideas for this blog. I love that I can literally jot down notes rather than try to type them on my iPad. It’s a much more interactive and creative experience. You can even import photos on to the notebook page and then write or draw over them. I used this feature to create all the photos that you’ve seen in my previous posts that have my notes jotted over them. Here are some pages from my notebook:

I even designed the header on my blog with this app!

And here are some doodles I’ve made with the Bamboo Stylus:

Another fun app that I downloaded is iFontMaker, which allows you to create your own fonts! It’s so simple to use and once your font is created, you can email it to yourself and then download it onto your computer. I made 4 fonts during the power outage from Sandy:

I’m so excited to continue to use my stylus and can’t wait to show you everything I create with it!

Stay Curious! xo…Alane

4 thoughts on “I Love My Bamboo Stylus!

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